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Hotel electronic locks

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  • Axess - Nano


    This is a Greek prefix meaning small-sized. Nanotechnology is a cross-disciplinary field characterised by the tiny size of the materials it works with. There are also an infinity of design possibilities as it is compatible with different handles. Nano is not just technology, it is a real option for customising your space.

  • Axess - Slim


    A stylish design for an escutcheon just 4 cm wide. A modern escutcheon that provides the perfect match for any decor in any space. Slim is compatible with some already-installed locks, simplifying installation and minimising costs.

  • Axess - Adapt


    The most versatile escutcheon. It is small in size and compatible with different locks and access types: wooden doors, metal doors and more. A small but perfect control solution.

    Adapt escutcheons’ key factor is their compatibility with already-installed locks.

The Axess system gives you the real possibility of creating an all-round access control system for installations where traditional mechanical locks are still used. These escutcheons provide big savings when reforms are carried out: additional carpentry work is minimised as they are simple to install and no doors or locks need to be replaced.


  • Independent escutcheon: no wires, quick and easy to install.
  • Runs on batteries (lithium batteries, up to 60,000 opening cycles).
  • RFID antenna, compatible with ISO 14443 A.
  • Stores the last 3,000 movements in the memory.
  • The user card information is encrypted to guarantee system security.
  • Access and access attempts are recorded in the lock memory.
  • Display on antenna, red and green led.
  • Automatic battery low warning.
  • Dimensions:
    • Slim: 28 cm long, 4 cm wide escutcheon.
    • Adapt: 18 cm long, 4 cm wide escutcheon.
    • Nano: 18 cm long, 4 cm wide escutcheon.
  • Emergency opening with mechanical key via cylinder (optional).
  • Opening adjustment: standard / disabled.
  • Updated clock and calendar.
  • Reading/writing function.
  • Atmospheric resistance from -20º C to + 75º C.
  • Humidity resistance up to 95% (without condensation).

Design your own space

In addition to a choice of finishes - standard, stainless steel and gold - we also offer you the possibility of choosing from a huge range of colours. Just pick the one you like best.