An RFID technology-based contactless access control system that works by proximity.

The Axess system is based on the combination of a series of physical elements (electronic escutcheons, locks, recorder, cards, etc.) and management software. The simple, intuitive software is designed for use with touch screen computers.

The Axess system enables dynamic control of an installation with no need for complex cabling. The system is based on the association of electronic locks with parameters set via their software.

The Axess system is quick, convenient and effective. Reading and recording an access or access attempt takes 0-2 seconds.


1.- Electronic escutcheons: - RFID technology, contactless proximity. - Independent, wireless, battery-operated. - Stores the last 3000 movements in its memory.

2.- Software: - Simple and intuitive, touch screen. - Compatible with the most common hotel management systems (PMS interface). - Manages the locking plan (64,000 doors, 1024 areas, 16 access types, automatic Daylight Saving Time, 4 automatic openings per day, etc.). - Guest check-in and check-out (extremely simple, in a few clicks). - Staff management (2,040 employees per door). - User management (64,000 users), networked stations (encoders). - Lock communication via card (data upload/download) or Tablet.

3.- TABLET: - Axess software installed. Can be used as a mini-reception. - PC-lock interface. - Lock programming and data collection. - Easy to use (touch screen, intuitive menu, etc.)

4.- Encoder: - Device for reading and encoding cards. - Several encoders can work simultaneously in a network. - 13,56  mHz proximity card encoder. - Writing range: 5 cm approx. - USB connection.

5.- Card: - RFID technology. - Card type: Mifare Classic (EEPROM 1 kb, 4 Kb) and Mifare Mini (EEPROM 320B). - AXESS system encrypting. - Multi-application (parking, staff clock-in, etc.).

6.- Wall Reader: - Control device for non-conventional access points  (garages, lifts, automatic doors, gates, etc.). - Reader for surface-mounting. - Mains supplied (12V AC/DC).

7.- Energy saver: - Smart device, only reads RFID card. - Programmable courtesy delay.