Axess is designed for large or small installations.

All the most relevant information is on the card. This greatly simplifies management, making it a key management rather than a door management process. In small installations (up to 50 locks or access points), cards can be used to programme or configure the doors and gather data on the locks installed (access and access attempts, list of users, events, etc.) Access configuration is an extremely simple process. Large installations with over 50 access points requiring control are more complicated, and it is therefore recommended to use the system’s handheld programmer for door programming or configuration and data collection.

The system’s simplicity does not mean security is neglected, as it uses both secure Mifare technology and our system’s own encrypting process. Axess has been developed for installation on Windows environment computers (7, Vista, XP, etc.).


  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Compatible with the most common hotel management systems (PMS interface).
  • Manages the installation locking plan.
  • MS SQL Server database.
  • User management. Up to 64,000 users.
  • Staff management. Unlimited number of employees per door.
  • Fast check-in/check-out, in just two clicks.
  • Permission for 4 doors and 16 access points for users and more than 256 doors and areas and 16 access points for staff.
  • Up to 4 automatic functions (opening/closing/opening/closing) can be programmed per day per lock.
  • 4 DST clock shifts per year, seasonal time changes.
  • Lock communication via card (data upload/download) or handheld programmer.

Expert advice. System start-up is supervised by qualified technical staff.