XS4 Mini

XS4 Mini

Providing the most stylish of designs is inherent in SALTO’s DNA.


The XS4 Mini is just the latest in SALTO’s sleek electronic lock product offering: a small and discreet lock with an aesthetic LED on top.


The XS4 Mini’s smart design and compactness simplifies installation, which usually takes five minutes or less. The XS4 Mini is compatible with most of the standard doors prepared for European (DIN), Scandinavian, Australian and tubular latch standard mortice locks. The XS4 Mini is built in two halves that are fitted together by two long screws. Because no additional drilling is required, the XS4 Mini maintains the fire resistance rating of the door.

პროდუქტის აღწერილობა

Main features

  • Easy to maintain: Battery change is the only work needed.
  • Wire-free stand-alone networked system through SVN technology.
  • Simple installation by using two screws on new or existing doors.
  • Encrypted and secure communication between the device and the electronic lock.
  • Clear dual color LED light (green/red) to indicate lock authorization or denial.
  • Attractive designs ideal for indoor use and easy retrofitting of existing doors.
  • Wide range of handles, finishes and configurations.
  • Mechanical key override for emergencies, using an additional mechanical lock cylinder.
  • Concealed screw fixing for greater security and aesthetic.
  • Emergency opening by means of NFC Portable Programming Device (PPD).
  • Coverage of a wide range of mainstream RFID brands allowing multi-application with third party systems using one card (e.g. cashless payment and T&A systems).
  • Compatibility of XS Mini contactless range with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that allows NFC enabled cell phones to open and control authorized access doors.
  • Mechanical privacy function option through inside locking push button.
  • Special blink and beep indication when the lock switches to privacy mode.
  • The locks can always be opened from the inside.